The Australian Shepherd is a beautiful and bright breed, eager to learn and please their owners. What they possess in brain power not only makes them easy to train but also makes it easy for them to get into trouble! Aussies need jobs, and if you don’t give them rules, routines and “jobs” around their daily schedule, they will quickly create their own. Aussies are a breed that run the gamut in behavior problems if they are not properly trained, worked and guided throughout their lives.

When Theresa and I first met, I was searching for another Aussie after the loss of our first girl. She and I spoke for hours, interviewing each other, and it was like talking with an old friend. We meshed on so many levels; a common passion for dogs and the Australian Shepherd breed, promoting good health and breeding practices, advocating education and the importance of training to bring out the best in our dogs, and taking a more holistic approach to raising our pets. We knew right away that we were more than just a breeder and a buyer. We were family and now business partners. I am pleased to be on-board with Theresa and Mel and to be a part of their amazing extended DWA family across the country.

Desert Willow Aussies

Our Partnership

Our in-house personal dog trainer, Julee Samuli, actually “holds the hands and hearts” of so many of our puppy parents. With years of experience she is on-board and already helping many puppy parents with early training issues both in person and by phone and email. She works with our dog and puppy parents across the USA designing personal plans to assist in settling puppies into new homes and helping with specific training issues that occur (covering every aspect or challenge in raising our Aussies into adulthood). I’ve not worked with anyone like her!”

Theresa Gorduyn

Desert Willow Aussies

Australian Shepherd
Energy Level:
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Exercise Requirements:
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Affection Level:
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Friendliness towards other pets:
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Friendliness towards strangers:
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Ease of Training:
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Aussie Facts:
United States

Original Function:
Sheep/Cattle Herding

Straight to Wavy, medium length

Blue merle, Red Merle, Black or red all with or without white markings and/or tan or copper points

Male: 20-23” ht., 50-65 lbs.
Female: 18-21” ht., 40-55 lbs.


I offer special phone/email and video coaching and training to DWA families.

  1. Puppy Education and Support - Get answers to your questions and training techniques for feeding, crate training, bite-inhibition, house training, chewing, socialization and much more!

  2. Learn how to stop problem behavior using humane techniques and learn to teach alternate behaviors using positive reinforcement methods (instead of using potentially harmful corrections) to maintain a strong healthy bond between you and your Aussie through consistency, trust and mutual respect.

  3. Learn how to manage your environment to set you and your Aussie up for success.

  4. Get coaching on how to communicate with your Aussie through your body language so you can be convincing without using a heavy hand. Aussies have a desire to learn and we don’t want to break that spirit!

  5. Get advice from a trainer who has direct access to your dog’s genetically inherited traits, drives and temperament.

  6. Know if your situation is one we can solve together or if an in-home consultation with a certified dog behaviorist is needed.

Rates are at a discounted price

Talk to me about details


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“A dog is like a person...

he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.”

~ Andrew Vachss


Making Mush at DWA

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of my DWAs - Doc and Echo

To see just how special this amazing family is - Desert Willow Aussies and Theresa Gorduyn, and the amazing people who are Desert Willow Aussie families - watch this video. This amazing group of people support each other through triumphs and tribulations, beginnings and accomplishments, success and struggles, and love and loss. I am so happy and proud to be part of this amazing group of people, who were all brought together by this amazing breeder and wonderful woman, Theresa.

“My Desert Willow Aussies”

“Beyond Basics”